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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Salamat Ama: A Tribute Song to our beloved Mayor Rody "Digong" Duterte #Tribute #AmaNgBansangPilipinas #Pasasalamat

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Salamat Ama (Thank you Father, Papa, Tatay, Ninong, Uncle, Tito, Itay, Lolo)

This song will really touch your heart.

Recorded at: Groovy Garden Studio
Produced by: Jimmy Bondoc
Sound Engineer and Co-Producer: Dominic Benedicto
Cello: Francisco "Kiko" Llorin

Music by: Climax
Climax members:
Vocalist: Max Guerrero
Keyboardist : Ivan lee Espinosa
Guitarist : Gigi Arcay
Bassist: Norman Peradilla
Drummer: Stanley Seludo

One of the most heartfelt, emotional, and powerful video made by Kuya Sahad Andal Jr. of CinEmotion Digital Films.

I usually don't leave comment in their videos posted in their page, especially every highlights of Mayor Duterte's campaigning days, but I just couldn't stop watching this video now, titled: "SALAMAT AMA" by CLIMAX. It resonated me and I hope it resonates with you too!

Were paying gratitude to our beloved Mayor and now President-Elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte for answering our CRY to run for PRESIDENT and for not giving up our dreams ----during our RUN DUTERTE RUN Campaign until now! It actually made for a pretty unique experience for all "DUTERTARDS" , because majority of the people came from out of town, and from all over the country just to support you all the way!

Friday, May 27, 2016


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With the constant advancement, Davao owned and operated Southern Maligaya taxi together with its partner corporations under the R. A Hao Group of companies has developed an app to improve their service to the Filipino people.

Maligaya Taxi is throwing down the gauntlet with their own app being developed right here in the heart of Davao City to improve their service to the riding public.

The app named ‘Taxilink’, will give users access to the entire R. A  Hao Group fleet which includes Orange CabVisa Cab, Master Cab, Apple Cab, Pacific Cab, Bell Cab, Premier Cab, SMTI, Mister Cab and Misis Cab. In line with its founders vision, "To provide the best quality of products and services every Filipino deserves", the fleet promises to deliver more secured, effective and convenient way through taxi bookings.

The group also plans to bring more value to customers through their app by providing a special duo which can offer free ride in the first few months which are called Mister Cab and Misis Cab.

Martin Angelo Hao, CEO of Southern Maligaya Taxi Inc., and R.A. Hao Group of Companies says, “Maligaya is one of the firsts taxi operators in Davao and we’re still committed to being pioneers, Taxilink is just another example of how we are constantly evolving.

One of the biggest advantages of the group is its full control over the user experience as they own both the app and the taxi units. This leaves the door open for exciting innovations to roll out across both the app and the taxi experience in the months to come.

The app due to be released on android and ios on mid-July this year.

Users can preview the app at, you can also check for more of  their company’s updates.


Press Release
26th May 2016
R.A. Hao Group of Companies
Matina Aplaya, Davao City PH 8000
T: 082 296 1391

Monday, May 16, 2016

DUTERTE CAMP THANKS SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORTERS #PressRelease #DuterteCayetano #TagumpayngPagbabago

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The camp of Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte today thanked social media volunteers and campaigners for their support in achieving victory in the 2016 Philippine presidential elections.

According to Peter Laviña, spokesperson of the Duterte campaign, social media was a game changer that helped the Davao City mayor win.
“On behalf of Mayor Duterte and the campaign team, we would like to express our thanks to all our online supporters, both here in the Philippines and abroad, who tirelessly worked to raise awareness about his candidacy, platform and programs,” Laviña said.
“And given our lack of funds to defray campaign costs, social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter gave us the platforms to convey and propagate our messages,” he added.
The Duterte digital campaign involved hundreds of social media account groups, countless individuals, and hundreds of influencers with a membership reach of over 14 million.
The Philippines has over 40 million Facebook accounts and pages alone and more than 2 million Twitter and Instagram handles.
In a related development, Laviña welcomed the support being mulled by social media platform Facebook for the incoming Duterte presidency, saying the connectivity afforded by Facebook is essential in building Filipino communities and pushing the reform agenda of the President-elect.
May 13, 2016

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Guinness for Federalism #HandaAwitDavao #TagumpayngPagbabago #PHVoteDuterte

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Davao City vies to break the Guinness World Record currently hold by the Bangladesh with
254,00 singing simultaneously of the National Anthem.

The event is dubbed as the " Guinness for Federalism", since May 7 is basically the last day of the election campaigns its normal that there will be a "MITING DE AVANCES" or grand rallies all over the country. In this, the organizers want to make it a grandeur event --- gathering together all the DUTERTE SUPPORTERS to sing in unison the "LUPANG HINIRANG" and be part of Duterte Day (D-Day) activities.

It was organized by the Special Projects Team of the Duterte for President Movement lead by Sir Rocky Balili, Bimbo Morales and Arnold Garbanzos.

May 12, 2016
Photo credit by Aji Garbanzos
As posted in their FACEBOOK PAGE, they are still waiting for the results coming from other areas and collate all the records from each respective City and Municipality. So I guess, the numbers will be counted how many participants are singing the National Anthem, this include those who are in the Luneta and Cebu?

Anyway, while waiting for the result let me give you some highlights on what happened during the Preparation and the May 7 highlights at the Crocodile Park.


Two days before the event (May 5, Wednesday) my friend and I went to the event venue to check the place.

The City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO), the CENRO and the City Engineers Office people are there to see to it that plans are well-executed.

The posting of numbers and markers have already been placed to segregate the participants by 50's (fifty per group), as per advice in the instructions.     

And at the same time ask permission to Crocodile Park owner,  Sir Philip Dizon to have our car park inside the venue for the coming event.

May 7, 10 AM. As what Sir Philip advice us, to come early so that we can park our car inside the Davao Crocodile Park.

And yes, we got a nice spot inside!

A photo posted by rainepal (@palraine) on

Take our lunch first and drive again near the entrance to have our ID's scanned and registered. The scanning registration process will be recorded as part of the GBWR requirements.

It was a festive day for us Dabawenyos, though it's a scorching hot day it doesn't matter, as long as we are there giving our 100% support to our beloved Mayor Rody Duterte.

Since we wear RED SHIRTS, all red shirts are group into 50 as Guinness requires to wear the same color of clothing the likes of RED, BLUE, WHITE, YELLOW and so forth, to easily distinguish one group from the other and make it easier for them to adjudicate.

We belong here!!!!

The singing of the National anthem will start with the signal of the blowing of shofars of the churches in Davao. For you to understand what "shofars" means, watch this video:

Video credit to Gian Enrique

For now, we will wait for the final judgement of the Guinness Book of World Record, though it was already published in some newspapers that officially only 94, 584 Dabawenyos are there to beat Bangladesh.