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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CO SU GIAN Home for the Aged in DAVAO CITY is now in full operation

CO SU GIAN Home for the Aged is now 

in full operation.

CO SU GIAN HOME for the AGED is named after the mother of Mr. Henry Wee 

who donated a 6,829 square meters lot located at Barangay Cabantian, 

Buhangin District, Davao City, to the city government of Davao.

In the beginning, there was only one room/structure built through the effort of 

the Senior Citizen Federation of Davao City headed by the two (2) past 

Presidents, Mrs. Gregoria Corima and Mr. Santos Calida. The center was used to 

be named as Day Center for the Elderly. They used to meet here in planning 

productive activities for the benefits of the whole membership. This also served 

as a haven for socialization and self relaxation by playing guitar, dama, chess 

and other table games and an avenue where they exchanged views and 

experiences that made the group more cohesive and develop strong 


After few years of operation, the center was turned over to the City 

Government of Davao through City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte and management 

of the center was entrusted to the City Social Services and Development Office.

However, due to the increasing number of indigent, abandoned, neglected and 

less fortunate older persons who need care and temporary home, the center 

was converted into temporary shelter for older persons that cater their 

personal needs and other services.

From one building, CO SU GIAN CENTER for the ELDERLY is provided a 15 

Million appropriation by the city government and 1 Million from the Pinoy Big 

Brother winner, Ruben Gonzaga, for center’s construction and enhancement of 

additional building.

For this year, CO SU GIAN HOME for the ELDERLY has served fifty seven (57) 

older persons enjoying its best facilities available at the center. We aim to 

make this a World Class facility for our elderly persons in Davao City.

So far, the Co SU Gian is taking care of 34 elders.

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