It has been taken for consideration by the REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNERS to include RAILWAY NETWORK SYSTEM here in Davao Region.

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There's a need for rail transit throughout our region because its growing population and fast development that we have now. We only have one NATIONAL HIGHWAY that transport both people and products, the BUDA-CALINAN route.  The idea to have a BUKIDNON-TALAINGOD route will help solve problems,  it's the only way to handle our rapid growth.

RAILWAY SYSTEM in DAVAO REGION is truly becoming a necessity now.  The growing population and finding ways to keep moving, because sometimes other transportation cannot carry the amount of people and products in a bus or jeepneys, etc.. And the convenient it gives to the commuters as well.  This is beneficial to a long commutes and time saving and space saving too!  Less cars,motor vehicles and jeepneys means less accident.

The purpose and need must meet the expectations of the people waiting for this development for almost 20 years.  I agree with this system, but they must see to it that it must be efficient, safe and cost-effective.


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