June 30.  All is set for the oath-taking ceremony of our Mayor-elect RODRIGO DUTERTE at the City Hall ground.

Photo credit to Bobby Gagambino Pontongan
Started exactly 8:30 in the morning, administered by the executive judge of Municipal Trial Court in Davao City, Judge Jill Jaugan-Lo.

His speech is so straight and very close to empowerment. Straight in the eye of the people of the City Government of Davao.  For me his speech is so inspiring, addressing to the criminals to leave Davao or else.

excerpts from his speech:

To the drug pushers,drug dealers, drug suppliers,and perpetrators of heinous crimes, I say again: STOP and LEAVE if you cannot or will not, otherwise you will regret it.  Worse still, you may not survive your grief. The clock is ticking away the hours for you. You can leave either vertically or horizontally.  It's up to you.  If you fight, the day ends permanently for you.


People of Davao deserve to have a CRIME-FREE CITY.

Very simple ceremony attended at least 300+ guests, compose of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Heads of National Agencies, City Hall Department Heads, Judges, Prosecutors, City Councillors, Private Agencies, and Non-Government Organization and Barangay Officials.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will assume office on July 1.

Watch this video:

Video credit to davaocio
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