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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Davao-Samal Bridge: Once a dream and now a Reality?

Over a decade that Dabawenyos dream is to have a bridge between Davao City and Samal, IGACOS, Davao Del Norte.

The dream will be made into reality? I've seen this in my Facebook news feed.


And I am a bit amazed with the news because they imputed the inclusion of a CRUISE SHIP CENTER.  

It will look like this, a bridge with a cruise ship center.

(C) Gil Verano Bandalan

If this plan is being pushed and studied well, this will surely help build and improve the Davao City and Samal tourism industry and at the same time promote our economic development.

But I hope they will consider to study the environmental issues such as the developmental impact on biodiversity in the gulf.


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