The Mindanao Railway System #DavaoCity #Mindanao #RailwaySystem

Heard so much about this, the long-foregoing business of having a railway system here in Mindanao.

Discuss and planned for so many years, but continue to gather dust as the National Government continues to delay the project. Right now, the MRS(Mindanao Railway System) has already been approved by the NEDA(National Economic and Development Authority) but there is no fund allocated for this project. Read HERE

Photo from Manny Piñol Page

A 200-kilometer infrastructure that would connect major food producing areas of the island of the ports, these will be made into reality if Mayor Rody Duterte becomes the President of the Republic of the Philippines. An implementation dedicated to cater the different regions in Mindanao such as Zamboanga City in the western part of the island to the other major cities like Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Gingoog, Surigao, Butuan, Davao, Cotabato and General Santos travel across the key agricultural areas in the central part of the island.

Hope by this time, this plan will not just a plan but CREATE an ACTION PLAN that will not just help transform the conditions of lives, but also eradicate poverty (this will provide secure good working conditions and people will get decent pay in return).

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