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The Kadayawan Executive Committee (EXECOM) had their iSpeak Forum last August 11 held at the rooftop of the Davao City Hall, introducing the 11 Tribes here in Davao City.

A set of plans were discussed during the forum, the security preparation and the flow of the program which highlights the core part of the Kadayawan event, that is Hiyas ng Kadayawan, Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan, and Pamulak set to happened this August 19, 20 and 21 respectively.

Mr. Art Boncato, Co-Chairman of Kadayawan Execom
The forum was initiated under the leadership of  the Co-Chairman of Kadayawan Execom, Mr. Art Boncato together with the Deputy Mayors from each of the city's 11 tribes.

11 Tribes and Name of Deputy Mayors

Clata-Giangan Tribes 
Deputy Mayor: Bae Herminia Busian-Ortiz

Sama Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Hadja Estrellita Tanjili-Mahamud

Tagabawa Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Bae Gregoria Uy

Kagan Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Datu Nicanor Boby Muhammad

Iranun Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Datu Pamikiran Latip P. Ayunandatu Arumpac Jr.

Credit Photo: DavaoToday
Tausug Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Datu Masil Ahalul-Al-Haj

Maguindanaon Tribe (People of Maguindanao)
Deputy Mayor: Ismael "Mike" Nakan Al-haj

Photo credit: iEmergence
Ata Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Datu Roel Arthur Ali, Sr.

Obu-Manobo  Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Datu Omelis Duyan

Matigsalug Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Datu Carlito Guinto Sr.

Maranao Tribe
Deputy Mayor: Datu Randy Osman

Our 11 Tribes was recognized on 2010 by our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, when he was still a Mayor in Davao City. He appointed deputy mayors for each tribe to represent the Muslim and Lumads in the city of Davao.

Davao City is the only city that takes pride the unique and diversified culture of tribes, that is why we celebrate with the United Nation -- the International Day of the World's Indigenous People every 9th of August as we take honor, respect and protect their cultures and traditions.

And as we celebrate Kadayawan this coming August 15 (OPENING happened at People's Park, 5PM), we must also take pride of our tribal and ethnic roots. And to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. Indeed DAVAO LIFE IS HERE.

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