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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Davao Free WiFi

When Davao City Council approved the plan to have FREE WiFi service in public places, everyone was very happy about the NEWS.

The City Government empower to deal an agreement with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to fulfill the project.

But you will never believe these bizarre truth of Davao Free WiFi.

  1. It's Not Totally FREE!

    The proposal of the ordinance was made to the initiative of Councilor Joanne M. Bonguyan-Quillos. She said, "those who wish to subscribe to the service will have to pay a monthly bill".  However, the DOST assured that the payment is lesser than what residents pay monthly on their bill charge such as Davao Light and Power Company.
  2. Use of Data is limited.
    You can only avail a maximum 50MB(megabytes). This is to ensure that everyone can get efficient access to internet, so they need to regulate internet traffic.
  3. Need to Register.
    Before they can avail the service, subscribers are ask to sign-up for registration by using their e-mail account address.
  4. WiFi Service is not only in Davao downtown area.

    It will also cover as far as Marilog and Paquibato District.
  5. Hotspots at public places and schools, health centers, state colleges, and public library.
    Aid students to help with the research. As for now, we have hotspots located at the Peoples' Park and Davao City National High School (Science Main Bldg.)

You can read more here: Davaoenos to enjoy FREE PUBLIC WiFi.


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