Gastro Chef now in Davao City

FOR the first time since it opened in 2008, the premier kitchen brand arrives Davao City.
The outlet in the third floor of the Chimes Specialty Store was launched last Tuesday, with no less than brand manager Norman Vega flying in from the metro.
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"The products are designed not just for function but also as decorative pieces," he said during the press briefing.

Gastro Chef offers a wide selection of kitchen knives, peppermills, cutting boards and other kitchen essentials.
With the combination of exceptional Danish design and Philippine craftsmanship, Gastro Chef has invaded the kitchen of millions of Filipinos with its affordability and durability.
"Form follows function. Essentially, this means that careful thought has been given to the product during its design and development stage to ensure that every aspect of the product has a purpose in the functionality of the item," the company's website says.
"On the other hand, our craftsmanship is known around the world for its refinement and precision. This is why the world clamors for Philippine-made products, as well as Filipino talent in their workforce," the site says.
The cross-cultural synergy has made Gastro Chef more than just a kitchen line.
"It is a lifestyle that revolves around the enjoyment of food, both in its preparation and consumption. We want to celebrate the diversity of different cultures, and bring them together through the art of gastronomy," the statement said.
The unique collection of Gastro Chef kitchen and dining tools is divided into five categories: Prep It is an extensive collection of cutting boards, knives, cooking tools and accessories; Store It is a pool of products ideal for various storing solutions; Serve It is an assortment of different serving trays and accessories; Wine & Cheese is an
array of elegant items to complement one's love for wine and cheese; and the selection of products for the professional chef.
"We come out with four different knives at least every quarter. We have also started exporting to different countries in Europe like France," Vega said.
"The best feature of the product is the type of wood we use in most designs," he added.
Gastro Chef products are made mostly from natural Philippine wood species like Rosewood, Yakal and Mahogany.
The wood species are ethically cut and legally sourced according to industry standards from sustainable plantations as well as Industrial Forest Management Areas (Ifma).
Gastro Chef also uses imported European and American wood species like Oak, Maple, Cherry and Beech for selected products.
"By creating more jobs in the local areas where we buy our wood, we simultaneously take part in improving the lives of local families, while promoting legal and sustainable forestry," the statement said.
Meanwhile, the custom glass pieces are mouth-blown which makes it unique compared to other glasses. This craftsmanship also adds a distinctive charm to the entire product line of Gastro Chef.
The Stoneware is tremor stoneware burned at 1300 degrees Celsius. The raw materials are ballclay, feldspar, kaolin and silica (quartz). The glace consists of feldspar, kaolin and lithium magnesia silia. All the raw materials are safe and neither contains nor emits any harmful chemicals.
Gastro Chef knives combine quality steel with a remarkable balance. It uses stainless steel 440A with hardness above HRC62.
Gastro Chef knives have a carbon content of 0.6-0.75 percent. Carbon is an important element as it hardens and strengthens the steel considerably. The steel making up the Gastro Chef knives is considered high quality.
To reach the stainless effect, chrome is added to the steel. The average chrome content to achieve the stainless effect is 13 percent. The higher the chrome-content, the more resistant the steel is to corrosion.
Indeed, Gastro Chef is more than just a kitchen brand. It represents a lifestyle that revolves around the enjoyment of food and the pleasures of the world of gastronomy.
Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on July 23, 2012.
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