Heard about the first crocodile slaughter house located in Brgy. New Katipunan of Kapalong, Davao del Norte.

Photo credit to JKM

J.K. Mercado initially ventured into production and distribution of Cavendish bananas in 1971. With the skilled and motivated work force, the company later ventured into Hog farming which has grown steadily over the years with its allied businesses such as cut flowers, crocodile farming and ostrich farming. With these developments, JK Mercado is now aggressively participating with ever-growing initiatives to source sustainable production of Bananas & Hogs; support the local community and protect the environment through conservation and education. ~ JKM 

It started operating last Wednesday,July 3,2013 with the skins to be sold to the luxury and famous bag maker Louis Vuitton.  

Wow!  Hearing the news is a big investment to happen here in Davao.  

International trade in crocodile pelts is regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which serves to “regulate trade in listed species, including hybrids and captive-bred specimens, through a system of permits and certificates.” ~ Edith Regalado,The Philippine Star

Photo credit to JKM

Video courtesy by JKM

Looking at JKM official site, you can see the development and improvement of the slaughter house.  The farm is a breeding farm which breed crocodiles for commercial purposes.

Why crocodile skin this is banned in other countries.

According to Mr. Darrell Blatchley and I quote: "They are not killed just for the skin, the meat is used as well....Salt water crocodile is found worldwide and not considered endangered..the only countries they are banned in is because the source was wild animals."

A bit of enlightenment, hearing it from the expert itself and to consider it can add job to all the Davaoeños.

"Part of the profits from the sales pays for this breeding program ......  

It caters to the tourists and conduct educational and entertaining tours. All are invited to visit and learn more about the JKM CROCODILE SLAUGHTER HOUSE.


J.K. Mercado & Sons Agricultural Enterprises, Inc.
PAG-ASA FARMS, Pag-Asa, Kapalong, Davao 8113 Philippines

Contact Person:
Ms. Sol S. Biñan
Operations Manager

Ms. Lerio L. Gaceta
ADMIN Officer
Email: ADMIN@JKMsons.com.ph

Tel No.: (084) 829-2172
Fax No.: (084) 829-2173

Email: info@JKMercado.com


source credit to: Edith Regalado, The Philippine Star
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  1. maganda po ito sa ekonomiya ng pamahalaan lokal ng kapalong at sa probinsya ng Davao del Norte! at ito pala ay pinaka unang "crocdile slaughter house" sa buong pilipinas. balang araw bibisita ako diyan at tumikim ng mga masasarap na mga pagkain na binebenta nyo! :)

    1. Thanks for visiting my post. Yes, indeed you're right.


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