TAXI. In our few days stay in Davao, you know what we applaud the most? The taxi drivers. We rode about a dozen times and, each time with no miss, the drivers were courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. They were impromptu tourist guides. They gave suggestions on where to go (sightseeing? durian? restaurants?) and, best of all, they were honest. Compared to Manila’s taxi drivers who’d often say, “Bago palang ako dito, saan tayo da-daan?” (I’m new here, where do we pass?)—where they’d circle and pass the farthest routes to extract the most pesos—in Davao, the drivers are honest. We found out that, each year, they have a rigid seminar that includes instructions on being good Davao “tourist guides.” They’re good. Well done. (excerpt fromhttp://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/sports/2012/05/20/pages-insights-davao-city-222363)

I have found out why taxi drivers in Davao are so honest, and are setting a good example for taxi drivers throughout the Philippines. Taxi drivers in Davao always switch on the meter immediately, they always take you to your destination directly and they always hand-back exact change to passengers. (excerpt fromhttp://www.mycam-asia.tv/asia-travel-forum/viewtopic.php?f=101&t=175)

We heard many good things about our honest taxi drivers here in Davao. But we forget to thank them, we should commended them for their remarkable service.

Dinhi sa Dabawenyo Ka Kung ato silang tagaan ug masigarbong PASALAMAT sa ilahang matinud'anong pang'serbisyo sa atong siyudad ug sa walay pagduha.duha sa paghatag sa ilahang kaugalingon ug isa ka maayong ihemplo labi na sa mga nanginahanglan sa ilahang serbisyo mapa LOKAL or FOREIGN man.


Photo source: georgeputong (photopin)
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