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Mt. Apo was declared National Park by President Manuel L. Quezon on May 9, 1936, Proclamation No. 59. And on December 12, 2009, DENR submitted Mt. Apo for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list. But sad to say that on March 2015, it was taken down from the UNESCO list of Tentative sites due to dramatic changes happened in the mountain, such as logging, intrusion of companies and urban and agricultural landscape, exploitation, et al...   

According to an etymologies, the mountain got his name from a nobleman named Apong, who was killed while meditating the between the two suitors of his daughter Saribu. Another story said that its name got from the word itself "APO" which means in Filipino tongues "master" or "grandson". 

Since Mt. Apo was open to climber and trekker groups after and before Holy Week,  many are coming here and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain. And hail as the country's most popular climbing destinations.

But the current climbing trails are littered and rubbish by irresponsible climbers. Watch video below how Mt. Apo being abuse.

The once peaceful mountain is now raging with fire, burning all the bushes (as of now) and might affect the other virgin forest if not stop or suppress.

As of this writing, from DENR and PAF update March 28, it was estimated that around 350 hectares were already damage, 20 hectares of which are forested and rest are grassland areas.

The fire started last Saturday, March 26. It started from the peak or the so-called "summit".

Summit nasunog
Posted by Charlito Esparar on Saturday, March 26, 2016

According to Charlito Esparar, he is the first person who relay the news about the fire from the center peak and immediately texted Mr. Julius Paner of Sta. Cruz LGU Senior Tourism Officer.

Here's the screenshot message:

From there on, various groups are giving their support to HELP and SAVE Mt. Apo. Many volunteers are requested to join and help SAVE MT. APO. And for those who cannot join physically in saving the APO can also give their help through donations.

March 31, 2016 -  PRESS RELEASE


Or you can drop your donation to G/F MetroLifestyle Complex, F. Torres St. opposite side sa MetroGym entrance, but same bldg. contact person Ian Garcia call this number 226-3711.

Or contact this numbers 09954192710 or 09086060477 for inquiries on how to help.

Video credit to YouTube

We recognized the strength and bravery of our climber and firefighter volunteers. #ClimbForTheBrave to all wonderful volunteers.

Daghang Salamat!!!!
Help Save Mt. Apo #MtApo #HeritageMountain #TheGrandfatherofPhilippineMountains #ApoSandawa #MindanaoMountain #BundokApo Help Save Mt. Apo #MtApo #HeritageMountain #TheGrandfatherofPhilippineMountains #ApoSandawa #MindanaoMountain #BundokApo Reviewed by Amaya Chika on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 Rating: 5

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