UPDATE: 79th Araw ng Dabaw Schedule of Events - OFFICIAL EVENT #ArawngDabaw2016 #79ArawngDabaw

UPDATE: The Opening will be on March 12, 2016.


79th Araw ng Dabaw  
as of February 15, 2016

Photo credit: Levoy Razalas Pabatao

A vibrant feast, a celebration of Dabawenyos, a grandeur parade with the special appearance of "Muyta ng Dabaw" winners with other social importance high ranking officials.

The 79th Araw ng Dabaw

The series of activities will start on March 12 (Saturday), 4PM for a THANKSGIVING MASS to be held at San Pedro Cathedral followed by the OPENING of the 79th Araw ng Dabaw, 6PM at San Pedro Square.

As March 16 and 17, 2016, Wednesday and Thursday, declared to be a non-special working holidays throughout Davao City according to Republic Act(RA) 7551. Dabawenyos are given the advantage to celebrate and have an awesome days ahead.

The activities are usual:
  1. Mutya ng Dabaw screening(happening this month, February).
  2. Araw ng Dabaw Sportfest Opening
  3. Thanksgiving Mass
  4. Araw ng Dabaw Opening - March 11
  5. City Hall Employee's Day
  6. Datu Bago Awards
  7. Mutya ng Dabaw Coronation Night - March 15
  8. Banda Hudyaka
  9. Parada Dabawenyo
  10. Pahalipay Concert ni Digong/Pulong
  11. Hulagway Photo Contest

Davao Light Power Corporation(DLPC) and ABOITIZ will be the main partners of this years celebration.

Added here (still waiting for further instructions) the appearance of other presidential candidates.

photo credit: Matina Area via photopin (license)

It's the birthday of Davao City, a grand gala celebration as the largest city in Mindanao, come complete with a extremely crowded activities and events of trade fairs and cultural presentations.

Come and visit Davao City now!!!

Contact: City Tourism Office
                Tel. no. +63 8 2229156

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UPDATE: 79th Araw ng Dabaw Schedule of Events - OFFICIAL EVENT #ArawngDabaw2016 #79ArawngDabaw UPDATE: 79th Araw ng Dabaw Schedule of Events - OFFICIAL EVENT #ArawngDabaw2016 #79ArawngDabaw Reviewed by Amaya Chika on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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