UPDATE: Scratch Card for Duterte to Help Raise Fund #DavaoCity #Duterte2016

Mayor Rody "Digong" Duterte has a firm belief that he will not ask for funds from BIG and ELITE personality, because he doesn't want to have "UTANG NA LOOB" or debt of gratitude from which he doesn't know where the money came from., is it from gambling, illegal drugs and others connected to government.

A power-politics mind set that he will run on his own capability in terms of financial and operational metrics.

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Let's be realistic, that in a campaign we really need to have funds in order to acquire and to put up materials as election progress.

In an election cycle, regulations regarding campaigning, funding and functioning --- FUNDS is always important to move your machinery.

That is why, Duterte's camp launch the "SCRATCH CARD" to answer the needs. The CONTRIBUTION CARD project comes from the Mindanao group, who sees the necessity of having it.

***Available now!!!

  • P 25.00
  • P 50.00
  • P 100.00
  • P 500.00
  • P 1,000.00
  • P 5,000.00
  • P 10,000.00
  • P 25,000.00
  • P 100,000.00
  • P 500,000.00

You can purchase the SCRATCH CARD via Duterte's Campaign Coordinators.

For Region 11: Please contact this number 09435273892  look for Mr. Rocky Balili (Region 11 Campaign Coordinator)

What to do with the cards?

  1. Purchase your desired amount to donate to the campaign.
  2. Scratch the card, at the back portion to reveal the personal identification numbers and letters.
  3. Then send to the given number indicated on the scratch card together with the buyers name and address.
  4.  As soon you have send your information, it will automatically loaded to the data system manage by Duterte's Camp.
Watch video!

UPDATE: Scratch Card for Duterte to Help Raise Fund #DavaoCity #Duterte2016 UPDATE: Scratch Card for Duterte to Help Raise Fund #DavaoCity #Duterte2016 Reviewed by Amaya Chika on Tuesday, February 09, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. hi, who are digong's campaign coordinators in NCR and how do we contact them? thanks in advance

    1. For the meantime, they are still coordinating with Luzon's Duterte campaign coordinators. Update will be posted soon. Thanks.

  2. How about from abroad? How can we avail this?

    1. Let us just wait for further update from Duterte's Camp here in Mindanao.

  3. Guys isa ako sa admin ng Page na ito paki like po DUTERTE PARA SA PILIPINO link https://facebook.com/247success/
    Salamat po sa tulong nyu


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