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Ever wonder what is Food Terminal ? Well, you're not alone! I hope this post will shed some lights for us Davaoeños what this place is all about.

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The Davao City Food Terminal is a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable wholesale market.

Fresh fruits comes into the terminal from all Mindanao farmers, as well as the local farmers here in Davao. With this, the Agri Pinoy Trading Center (APTC) will source out and sell products directly from the farmers and agri-processors to the selling market or consumers.

The Terminal will be the only wholesale fresh produce market in Davao City located at Daliaon, Toril, this will cater both wholesalers and local farmers.

Buy Local products to help our Local Farmers! 

Those who buy at the Terminal consist of the independent grocers, restaurants, and food distributors. This will totally change the life of our small and medium vegetables and fruit growers in various barangays in Davao City, because they can sell their products without the intervention of the middlemen.

The Davao City Food Terminal sits on the 5 hectares light industrial area in the former DARATEX compound at Daliao, Toril, as the preferred strategic site to capture products coming from different areas in Davao Region. This will serve as the site of APTC for a period of 15 years.

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The operation and maintenance of the terminal will be manage and own by the City Government.

And the project is funded by the Department of Agriculture for PHp300 million.

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The facility houses FRUIT SECTION, VEGETABLE SECTION,  Restaurant, Food Stall, and Atrium. Another important function of the terminal is providing the farmers a proper storage for their produce products to maintain the freshness of their goods, the likes of a Cold Storage space, wherein they can sort their fresh fruits and vegetables and place it in a safety and quality control inspections. The loading area is very important too, this is where they can safely load and unload their goods.

Why do we have the Food Terminal?

As Davao City gears up internationally as one of the top distributor both agricultural and poultry supplier lines not only for Davaoeños but also for residents and entrepreneurs in other cities and municipalities in Mindanao and throughout the Philippines, there is a need to answer the demand of the fast growing population and the answer is to put a Food Terminal. This is to help our marginal farmers and at the same time boost the fresh produce items that will give the consumers quality food.

APTC encourage local food security through promotion and support local farmers production. The more fresh food deliver to the terminal, the more residents, buyers, etc..will be buffered in the event of disruptions of long-distance food supply such as weather events, political instabilities and/or the middlemen interventions.

The Food Terminal also help both community and the individual in sustaining human health and well-being.

Fresh Food means Healthy Community...

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  1. wow ang galing we our local farmers already grow apples! and have good plastic packaging! i cant wait to visit the Food terminal soon.

  2. maayo nga project para sa mga mag uuma nga sobra ka exploited sa mga middlemen..karon makuhakuhaan ang problema sa mga middlemen pero ang dako nga problemaa, mao ang pagdala sa mga produkto ngadto diha.paakon ug maayo sa transportasyon ilabi na sa mga habalhabal diha sa mga lugar nga d masulod ug sakyanan...ang farm to market roads sa mga barangay ,nakita ba kini s MG lokal nga magbabalaod ug sa nasyonal nga pangagamhana?mao ni dinhing dapita,halos wa nay makita ang mga mag uuma tungod sa kadako sa gastos pagdala sa ilang produkto gikab sa bukid maski ngadto lang sa lungsod..naa bay milyones pod nga gigahin sa gobierno para sa mga kalsada nga mahimong sayon sa mga mag uuma para sa ilang produkto nga mapadangat ngadto sa merkado


  4. Hello. Can somebody recommend in this place nga maka deliver ug fruits diri sa Leyte for wholesale? Thanks ��


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