Davao City bring Christmas Holiday to Lumad Communities

Christmas time is for children and it is also a good time to remember Christmas as a festival of lights. But behind the glittering lights, glamour gifts, fashion new dresses and sumptuous food we always think of the welfare of our less brothers and sisters.

Davao City will bring Christmas celebration this year to the outback communities of lumads. This is an 'added extravaganza' for this year Pasko (Christmas) Fiesta celebration.

It has been an advocacy of the City Government of Davao to extend help, favor and give protection to the Lumads communities, by providing shelters, food, and social and medical services as they come down and join the festivities in the city.

Starting December 1, they are still welcome to join the celebration and still the Davao Local Government Unit will provide them food and other services for 10 days in six different shelters.

The services will also be brought to their respective communities in Marilog, Paquibato, and Baguio Districts starting December 7 to 21. This is the first time that the services will bring the PASKO FIESTA special program to their respective barangays.

Pasko Fiesta for the lumads include a trade fair featuring the indigenous products, health day, birth registrations, mass wedding, children's day, tribal games, and cultural shows.

There would be a 'make over' or they called in their native language "BALIHUDNOY" for Lumad women. And this is for FREE!!!

“They will be gently herded back to their respective barangays where various activities are prepared entirely for them,” Maria Luisa Bermudo, Head of the City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) said.        
“This is also to ensure their safety while we are celebrating Christmas,” added Bermudo.

One way of giving back our warm greetings to our Lumads brothers and sister, making it more meaningful and relevant to them, and that they are also part of our Christmas celebration. 


Just recently, December 2, the Pasko Fiesta sa Davao was formally opened by Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio. She urge the private sector to participate and light up its premises and/or establishments so the city will look more festive.

Davao City Hall & Rizal Park at Day

Davao City Hall & Rizal Park at Night
Video Credit to Ian Garcia (@WhatsUrWanderLust Facebook Page)

The celebration is for all not only for the Lumads but there are also other activities been slated for children, persons with disabilities (CICL), children living with HIV-AIDS, LGBT, children in conflict with law, prostituted women and senior citizen.

This is annual event here in Davao City to lift the Filipino tradition of celebrating Christmas.

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