Maruya and Buko Juice For Duterte's Inauguration #Duterte #DuterteInauguration #InaugurationBukoJuice #InaugurationMaruya

While others reacted from the news, that the camp of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is having a separate inauguration ceremony with the Vice-President elect Leni Robledo this coming June 30.

Some were puzzled with the idea that there is no extravagant foods to be served during Duterte's simple oath-taking. As President-elect mandate he wants to have finger foods, and for merienda (snack) that will be MARUYA (deep-fried banana fritter) and BUKO (coconut) JUICE.

Maruya and Buko Juice, a symbol of simplicity.

As simple as that, no extravagant food, no lavish parties - nothing at all! He wanted to depict the real life of the Filipino people. The simplicity of life which Filipinos are obviously enjoys the pleasure of eating these kind of foods, affordable and truly healthy.

The ceremony will be held at Rizal Ceremony Hall of Malacañang Palace with only 500 invited guest which composed of President's closes friends, family members, government officials, policeman and military.

After all, President-elect Duterte repeatedly says that he does not like to have his oath-taking held at the Luneta, for him it will just cause traffic and he doesn't like to burden his countrymen.

Maruya and Buko Juice For Duterte's Inauguration #Duterte #DuterteInauguration #InaugurationBukoJuice #InaugurationMaruya Maruya and Buko Juice For Duterte's Inauguration #Duterte #DuterteInauguration #InaugurationBukoJuice #InaugurationMaruya Reviewed by Amaya Chika on Thursday, June 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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