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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Davao group to join world street dance championship in December

I am very humbled to officially present to you the first team to represent GUDC & Davao City an international competition.. 

1. Bryan Grandeza 
2. Dexter Guibone 

3. Sheldone Dacalos
4. Takahiro Kaneko
5. Noe Calicdan
6. Kenneth Delideli
7. Lloyd Callao
8. Jonathan Endonela

The team will be representing the Philippines together with 13 other crews from around the country in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds International Hip-Hop Dance Competition which will be held on December 1 in Sydney Australia..

The preparation and all will not be easy though so that's why we will be needing so much help from all of you.. All your support and prayers will definitely contribute to the success of this endeavor.  Please do visit their Facebook Page Groove Unlimited Dance Community and let us support our Davao's Pride.

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  1. the group that we of catanihan foundation, inc. at catalunan grande, davao city .... 2010: toronto chapter dinner and dance to be held at ola june 12