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HOG'S BREATH CAFE : An Aussie Steakhouse with lots of grunt

"There are many things we've never done, but we ain't never had too much fun" - Hog's Breath Cafe slogan

It all started with our founding father, Don Algie, or should we say Boss Hog, sailing along the Queensland coast and settling into the idylic surrounds of the Whitsunday Islands.
The doors of the first restaurant were opened in July 1989 at Airlie Beach, North Queensland. In November the following year, a second store was opened in Mooloolaba. Additional stores quickly followed with locations opening in Townsville City, Darwin, and Cairns and along the eastern seaboard.
So what has made the Hog’s Breath system so successful that it has grown at an average rate of six new outlets every twelve months for the past few years?
The answer has to do with providing a unique dining experience within the Australian marketplace.
From day one Hog’s Breath set out to be unlike any other restaurant in appearance, atmosphere, style and type of service it offered patrons.
Hog’s Breath can be credited with developing and specialising Prime Rib Steaks in Australia, with the boast that there’s not a more tender, mouth-watering steak to be found anywhere. To complement this signature dish and its diverse menu, Hog’s Breath has created a distinctive style for people who enjoy casual dining experiences.
In a nutshell, it’s all about providing quality food and beverage services in an informal, yet comfortable environment with an overriding friendly, party atmosphere.
Quite simply, the basic Hog’s Breath philosophy is “have fun and enjoy yourself” - a principle engendered by its unique operating style and unlikely decor that sees walls crowded with unusual paraphernalia and memorabilia. In truth it’s a place you have to personally experience to fully appreciate its rather different and exceptional reputation.
All Hog’s Breath Cafes are in essence themed licensed restaurants catering to all ages. They incorporate three interacting components - a seated food service area, a licensed saloon bar and a merchandise shop exclusively carrying the Hogster clothing label.
The phenomenal success of the Hog’s Breath chain in the Australian marketplace has allowed all outlets to significantly enhance the socio/economic infrastructure of their localities, proving to be strong drawcards for their town, earning important tourism dollars and providing much needed local job opportunities.
Hog’s Breath also has a close affinity with sport in V8 Supercars, Drag Racing, Extreme Sport, Golf, water sports such as sailing and surfing, and numerous junior sports. Through generous sponsorship of these and other outdoor community events, Hog’s Breath promotes and encourages an active lifestyle. And as for dining out?

It doesn’t get any better because at Hog’s Breath it’s a party every night!

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  1. I'm really looking forward to the opening! It's great to finally get to sample prime Aussie steaks for the first time, not just in Davao, but in the Philippines.


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