The Davao Kadayawan Festival 2012 will be held on the third week of August, that is August 17-19.  Reports about the schedule of Kadayawan 2012, states that the Indak-Indak Sa Kadalanan, the street dancing competition, will be held on August 18th and Floral float competition (Pamulak sa Kadalanan) will be held on the following day.

This year, the Kadayawan Festival is going to be unique as it will coincide with the greatest festival of Muslims, “Eidl Fitr”, post Ramadan. The thanksgiving ceremony will be held early before the initiation of the full fledged celebration, as Pasasalamat. The venues for each event are yet to be finalized. But those visiting Davao in Philippines at the time of the Festival will be posted with updates on the Kadayawan Festival and invited to be part of the festival as well.
This time, Kadayawan Festival 2012 also holds a surprise, which will be interesting for people who love watching flowers. The Queen of Philippine Orchids is a very beautiful flower, and is known as “Waling waling” in Philippines. The flower which blooms only once a year can be seen at the Kadayawan Festival. It  be made to bloom during the festival post treatment under specific conditions for blooming earlier than it used to.


Hope next time organizer of the said festival will inform people of Davao properly so that their friends and relatives will not encounter such problem like this, rebooking and paying for date change. At Cebu Pacific  rebooking fee is 1,500 per route per person.  Meaning if you’re rebooking a roundtrip flight for 2 people, that would cost you a whopping 6,000 pesos.

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