The ban for all non-biodegradable bags (with handle) will start on June 28 here in Davao City.....

Questions circulating around the corner is what is to be used if plastics are gone.  

Common tao will think of a plastic as NON-BIODEGRADABLE.  They don't have an idea that there is already a BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC used by mall here in Davao, such as SM CITY DAVAO and ROBINSONS, they called it OXO-BIO Plastic Bag.

What is OXO BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAG?  is polyolefin plastic to which has been added amounts of metal salts. These catalyze the natural degradation process to speed it up so that the OXO plastic will degrade resulting in microfragments of plastic and metals which will remain in the environment but will not be seen as a visual contaminant. The degradation process is shortened from hundreds of years to years and/or months for degradation and thereafter biodegradation depends on the micro-organisms in the environment. (link from wikipedia)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!

We cannot say that we are PLASTIC FREE CITY.  But we are against to NON-BIO Plastic circulating around the world.  

Davao City will used OXO-BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAG Davao City will used OXO-BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAG Reviewed by Amaya Chika on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Rating: 5

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