Davao Light: Go green this school year

It's back-to-school time again! And as the new school year begins, there's a lot to think about, organize and so much to buy for your kids.
With all of these on your mind, you might lose track of saving energy. Hence, Davao Light and Power Company, put together some tips that will help you and your family stay green throughout the school year.

Save on transportation

Probably the biggest help you can do for the environment is to get your kids out of the car and either walk, ride a bicycle or take a public transport to school. If public transport or cycling isn't practical, you can send your child to school through the school's carpool.

Low-waste lunches

Avoid using plastic wrappers, bottles and packets in your child’s lunch boxes. Cutting lunchtime waste teaches your kids good green habits. You may also reuse leftovers from the night before as a tasty lunch that makes a change from sandwiches.

Stationery recycling

New stationery is a back to school tradition, but it can mean a lot of waste. Try to buy recycled - pens, rulers, folders and more. And don't forget to choose recycled paper. Or you may also reuse the items you have from the last school year.

Switch off after homework

By secondary school, many kids are doing homework on a computer. Make sure they switch the computer and the monitor off standby when they've finished.

It is important that parents make energy saving a priority in the family not only during the school year but also for the entire year. This is a good way to start teaching our kids the little ways in helping save our environment.

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